Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer for Windows 7

Attack surface analyzerMicrosoft's Attack Surface Analyzer is the tool which is used to find information about the Windows Operating System's attack surface. According to Microsoft, it is the same tool which the internal product groups and security team of Microsoft use to analyse the changes made to the attack surface of the operating system. It is a very important tool for anyone who wants to have more knowledge about the attack surface of his or her Windows operating system. Once you know more about the attack surface changes, you can pretty much be sure about what software should be allowed to run on your system and what not.

This tool is a great one for the IT professionals and developers. While the previous sentence is true, it is not a tool only for them. Even a home user can download the tool and use it. However, this tool might give the insights into the attack surface of the operating system at a technical level which average user may or may not understand. 

Now, in this article we have used the term Attack Surface quite a number of time. So what is it? We are going to talk about the same in the next page of this book.

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