CBSE Project Ideas - How to Write a Terrific Acknowledgement for Your CBSE Project?

Now, CBSE has a great deal of projects which sound troublesome to students all over the subcontinent. But tell you what, we're here and upcoming with wonderful CBSE Project Ideas. We already have a CBSE Project on First Aid which happened to be a blast. Well, one or two heads pop up saying we promote children to copy down projects, but that's not what we intend. All we do is give them a concrete idea on the thing, leaving the rest upon their conscience.

Now, here, we'll tell you about how to write a CBSE project 'acknowledgement'.

In the eyes of CBSE, "What exactly is an acknowledgement?"

Well, you might think that all it is is a paragraph filled with boredom and filth of all unreal names you've to thank and do that stuff but actually, it's what makes your project a meaningful one.

If you go by the literal meaning, it means "recognition". So you need to recognize and your teacher do the same.

Now, we already have those teachers who always are so eager to pull out students copying projects. Neither do we do want them to copy projects, but still, in case you've copied down some stuff and you sure don't want your teacher to get hold of your collar in front of your crush, here's the idea.

What should an acknowledgement essentially contain in a CBSE Project?

Well, it all depends on you. Perhaps, it's the only informal thing (though to most of them, it looks formal) in the whole project you're about to start and end into an epic one. But, for the minimum, a CBSE project acknowledgement should at least contain the following -

1. A note of thanks to your teacher, whoever you're gonna submit the project to (believe it or not, it doesn't matter if he's the person you hate the most on the planet, you have to put a rock on your chest and do this. It's a must, mark our words.)

2. A very brief (I personally prefer one liners) idea on what your project is.

3. Then one by one, consider acknowledging the names of people you think have been of help to you. It sure looks cool when you mention one by one like how they've helped you.

4. The name of someone without whom the project would've been a flop. It may be your teacher as well (that's an old trick to get an extra half mark [wink]).

5. Your signature (that's optional but still most of the teachers want it essentially, so why make a stake?)

What should be the length of my CBSE Project Acknowledgement?

Well, if your teacher ain't a Hitler, you may do a couple of pages but if he's like put a limit to it, make sure you don't cross 200 words, at most 250. Take it as a deadline.

Sample Acknowledgement for CBSE Project

Finally, we're here with a sample as well. Please, we do not want you to copy it down or something. Do use the soft thing you feel inside your skull. Don't be a numbskull. Wow, rhymes, isn't it? Anyways, the sample -


At the onset, I'd like to start by thanking my (name of the subject) teacher Mr.(/Mrs.) (name of the teacher). He's always been so cooperative. Without his(/her) cooperation, the project couldn't have been what it evolved to be.

This project is about first aid awareness. My brother (his name) proved to be of great help, especially in suggesting me the illustrations. My mom always has been good at first aid. She was the one who taught me how to do it, so a word of thanks goes to her as well.

Next, I'd like to thank my friends, who helped me in the writeups at times and suggested a few ideas. My sister (her name) too was of great help. She was the one who suggested the idea of the cover. And of course, how can I forget my grandmother, my naani. Throughout the project, she kept suggesting me various methods she's learnt during her life. So a sincere hearty vote of thanks goes to her as well.

I hope you'd enjoy the project.

(Your signature)

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ya this acknowledgement gives me a good idea to write the acknowledgement for my project

I am mother of a IX standand son and this site was very informative to receive an insight on how to present a project. Am sure my son's project will be an outstanding one in his class. As mother I feel very contented that I will be able to guide him and do my part. Thank you and keep up the good work going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will surely get back once he gets his gets his grade.

its an excellent site of acknowledgements n nice path for answers

very nice

the format is very nice and helpful also...............

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