Best 2 Messaging Apps for Android - GO SMS Pro & SMS Backup and Restore

GO SMS Pro (Messaging better than Messaging)

GO SMS Pro is the ultimate app on Android for Managing SMS texts.One does not need extra software to send and receive messages. The software which comes with the phone is enough to send messages. But before you go away to the next software, let us tell you something about this little sweet software: you want it! Read on for the reason.
By default, android devices would show you the threaded view of SMS conversations. But there are some who want to have that old style of having their inbox, outbox, drafts and sent messages separated. Android’s built in SMS app is not capable of that. GO SMS Pro does that for you!

Face it: life is boring when it’s black and white. While the default white over black android theme for the SMS app is really cool, some prefer other colours, as well. GO SMS Pro gets you quite a few interesting themes and you can switch between them at any time.
Would you not like to feel a little more romantic when messaging your fiancée, or your girlfriend, or wife than when messaging your office colleagues? Definitely yes! If you say ‘no’, we would still say ‘yes’. Colours add interest to life. They make it beautiful. Go SMS Pro allow you to have a valentine theme for the ones you love and a colourless ones for those whom you do not like. Not only themes but almost every setting is configurable for individual contacts on your list.

You can ask GO SMS Pro to make sure that the message contents are not shown on the notification bar for those contacts who might send you sensitive texts (well, that might mean anything from ‘sensual’ to ‘confidential’, depending on what you want to hide). For others, it will show a pop up on screen with the message inside it and a reply box included. You can turn that off from the settings though! You might even change the notification icons, tones and pretty much every setting for every contact.

One more interesting addition is scheduled messaging. For example, if you want to send a “hey, I am in the mall, you want me to bring something” to any of your friends who might be expecting a beer can from you as you come to his place, you can ask the app to schedule the message for him and it sends the message on time, making sure you get the reply back just when you’d like it. Well, some might even like to use it to send a ‘Good Morning message’ to their loved ones even if they are snoring in beds. Pretty innovative huh?
One more feature: You can lock down your messages. Set a security type (either a pin or a pattern lock) and your messages cannot be opened, even by the stock SMS app. In case you are worried about the ‘message search’, well it will still work. However, you will still need the unlock sequence to read it! How is that for those who want to hide things?

And in case, your stock SMS app does not allow you to send an SMS more than 480 characters (length of 3 SMS) in one message, well, GO SMS will allow you to! There are so many more features that it is difficult for us to tell you here. We can’t say about which of the many more features you would like in this app. What we can assure is: you are going to love it. Once you start using it, there is hardly a reason you would stop using it. Well, if you say ‘battery drain’, ‘CPU usage’ or ‘space problems’, it will not let you complain about any of these. It is pretty minimalist with all of them.

SMS Backup & Restore (SMS Backup Utility)

SMS Backup and Restore is the best you can get for free, when it comes to backing up messages and managing them!In case you want software for full phone backup, well, there are a lot of them. Moreover, almost every manufacturer has his (or her) own application (such as a PC suite) which would allow a full phone backup on your computer. In case you want to backup files, you have the file manager for a copy paste, even in the phone. If you want to back up contacts, you would be able to export them VCF format. So backing up is not a problem for most parts of the phone. However, backing up SMS messages is a problem at times. With so much software available, making the right choice is difficult.

Well, we have already said that GO SMS Pro allows for SMS backup. If we did not tell that earlier, you know it now! But, GO SMS pro would need you to restore the backed up SMS back into the phone for viewing it. Moreover, backing up individual conversations is not supported. This is one and perhaps the only thing in the SMS division for which we would require another app – SMS Backup and Restore.
This one application allows you to go flexible with SMS Backups. You are able to select particular conversations which you would want to backup. You can schedule backups, select a different directory to backup and even ask it to keep adding to the same backup file as and when new SMS keeps pouring in.

The best feature of this app is that it exports the backups in XML format and adds a XSL tag to it. Got confused? Well, once you have downloaded the sms.xsl file from the official website, opening the backup file(s) will show you the conversation in a tabular format in your desktop browser! Isn’t that great? Another feature is that you can open a backup file and go through the messages according to the conversations, much like you would browse the SMS currently on the phone. In case you are someone who would want to backup the SMS, this is the one software you would need. Although the app does show ads, the developer has been too noble to allow you to stop displaying ads. You can disable that in the preferences.

In case you want to read the last set of applications, you might like to read them as well. Its about Best media players for Android. The next one is about the Best Office Applications for Android.


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I can´t find the sms.xsl file on the official homepage. Do you have a link for that?


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Link for SMS and Restore 

Look On the link above. Here is the link for the sms.xsl file for your ease: 


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Just so you know, you CAN back up sms messages from individual contacts. Simply long-click on that conversation and then click 'Backup Thread'.

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