Believe it or not: De Diya Ghumake !! (India makes it to the Finals) - 10 Reasons (Un)known

Thousands of worships and millions of prayers rose up for India's victory over Pakistan. Pakistan did not have any star player, no one to touch the appeal of Sachin, Yuvraj or anyone else in the team, except a couple of them, yet they had made their route to the semi-finals. That was a shivering moment when India faced the first ball and it was a dot, the second continued to be a dot but as usual Sehwag continued his streak of starting his innings with a flowing shot of four. Bingo. India is now at 4/0 at 0.3 overs. After this, India saw figures like 114/1 at 19 overs, 256/7 and 260/9 by the match ended. Pakistan indeed got a good start but then, the final result was the fate of the day - India vs. Pakistan and for the fifth time, India beats Pakistan in World Cups and bars their fate of playing the last ball even ending their innings at 231/10 at 49.5 overs. India enters the finals, hungry to sandwich the burning attitude of Sri Lankans. But you know, as every match, even this match had reasons why India got upto a victory. Believe it or not, but reasons do exist, incredible ones.

India beats pakistan

Reason 1 - Sachin was blessed, got more than 5 lifelines.

I am really sorry if I played with your emotions if you are a die hard Sachin fan (just like me) but Sachin was the best batsman in the whole innings, shooting it to 85. But would you believe, it was like some supernatural power supporting Sachin, though terminating his century's dream in the mid. The striking thing about him was he got more than 5 lifeline in the match. He was dropped 4 times in his innings but yet, they couldn't stop them completing his half century and nearing the 90s. Sachin was the Man of the Match. He was really blessed.

Reason 2 - Sakshi was on a fast

You know Sakshi right, the beloved wife of M S Dhoni. They say she keeps a fast every time team India plays. She was on a fast (according to TV News Channels) today too, praying for India's victory.

Reason 3 - India did not hit 300+

You might not agree. But I believe one of the prime reasons for India's victory was also that Team India did not hit 300+ in the first innings. Had they done so, they would have surely got a better steal of runs by the Pak team, believe me. Two of my pals jumped off at my house today and went mad at me when I told them that all India needs is to score 250 or around. But they did't believe. The reason I said that was because though Pak team did not have any 'star' player as such, but they had a great team which could chase down anything. After all they were playing the semi final and India had already let go a couple of matches in which Team India scored magnificently, but that was what alarmed the opposing team and relaxed the Indian bowlers. So looks like I was damn right.

Reasons 4 - Thousands of rituals, millions of prayers

They say that God often counts on the number of prayers he receives (wink). Now, if thats true, India was at advantage of having as many as about six fold the number of people Pakistan has. Thousands of rituals and millions of prayers could not stop God shower its blessings on the Indian players, telling India about at least one advantage of the vaaast population of India. After all they say, population should be used like an asset, and it has been.

Reason 5 - Magnificent Indian fielding, rock solid

India was really magnificent at fielding today. Virat, Raina, Yuvraj, all of them in magnificent activity with their bodies defending the Indian runs' scoreboard. One won't hesitate one bit that India's fielding today was rock solid. Now thats what is called a team spirit.

Reason 6 - All Afridi wanted was to stop Sachin, not India

Had you seen the ball by ball update of the match, you must have noticed that right from the beginning, even before the match (Afridi had commented that they will stop Sachin from scoring his 100th hundred), all he had been focusing was to stop Sachin, not India. At least his and his players' body language did not signal that he was actually focused to scoring (in the 2nd innings).

Reason 7 - Former income tax commissioner's words could not raid Indian players' spirits

You might have heard about all that spiv thing about India's match been fixed by former income tax commissioner saying that India's match was fixed. That had built up a pressure on team India's players even before the match. One more time, an Indian official goes wrong with his words, congrats to Team India and India.

Reason 8 - India has got batsmen and Pakistan has got bowlers

Believe me, neither of the two did to their fullest potential. Refer to reason 4 and you will discover why India bowlers could actually show their presence even when Pakistani batsmen couldn't actually. Misbah was enjoying his batting practice until it was very late of him showing his 'one man army' attitude which he secured for the last moments and which did not work. Pakistani bowlers were good and so were Indians. Bingo.

Reason 9 - Punjabi songs

Believe me fellas, Punjabi music really has got that stimulating thing in it. Singh is King, Saddi Gali, and many other Bhangada songs kept on fueling Team India, at least the two Singhs (which does not mean that not the whole team :-)   )

Reason 10 - Beautiful girls and heavyweight personnels

Just in order to complete the 10th reason, I'd say beautiful girls in the field were one of the reasons for India's victory. Come on, I am not talking about players like Sachin but the youngsters? They really care their appeal in the opposite sex. The presence of Isha Sharvani, Preity Zinta and many other beautiful girls must have definitely compelled the young Team India for performing well. Contrarily, as the commentators said, the presence of the heavyweight personalities viz. respected PM of India Manmohan Singh and PM of Pakistan Mr. Gillani and numerous other personalities must have surely kept Indian players think about keeping the laaj of Indian cricket

Reasons kept apart, the best thing for Indian cricket fans is that India has made it to the finals. Bingo. But they must pause the celebration of this victory as soon as possible and resume it after getting the world cup. Its time for the biggest challenge, the last battle to fight and making it tough for Sri Lanka to rival India. Best of luck to all the players. 



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